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Welcome to AEGPL:
The Home of the European LPG Industry

AEGPL is the sole representative of the LPG industry at European level, representing national LPG Associations as well as distributors and equipment manufacturers from across Europe.

Our mission is to engage with EU decision-makers and the wider policy community in order to optimise the contribution that LPG - as a clean and immediately available energy source - can make to meeting Europe's energy and environmental challenges.

  • AEGPL proudly supports the 2015 International LPG Summit

    AEGPL proudly supports the 2015 International LPG Summit

    In December, AEGPL will speak at the 2015 International LPG Summit, the International LPG Summit that takes place in Novi Sad, Serbia. This annual conference attracts every year LPG professionals coming from the Balkan area and beyond.
    AEGPL is looking forward to address the audience and speak about the added value it provides to its members. Among other topics, it will explain what influence have decisions taken at the EU level on member states and what is its role in the EU decision-making process.

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  • UN highlights key role of LPG in tackling climate change

    UN highlights key role of LPG in tackling climate change

    Two studies recently published by UN agencies highlight the link between black carbon emissions and the greenhouse effect and identify solutions to tackle this problem.
    The World Health Organisation recently published a report focusing on health issues related to black carbon emissions, as well as on their interaction with the greenhouse effect. This report clearly showed that the residential heating and cooking sector plays an essential role in all efforts to reducing black carbon emissions.

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  • EU approves new car emission testing procedure

    EU approves new car emission testing procedure

    The Technical Committee on Motor Vehicles, an advisory body comprising representatives from EU member states, approved on October 28th the introduction of a new testing for passenger cars’ emissions.
    This regulation, if neither the Parliament nor the Council oppose, will enter into force in 2017.

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