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Welcome to AEGPL:
The Home of the European LPG Industry

AEGPL is the sole representative of the LPG industry at European level, representing national LPG Associations as well as distributors and equipment manufacturers from across Europe.

Our mission is to engage with EU decision-makers and the wider policy community in order to optimise the contribution that LPG - as a clean and immediately available energy source - can make to meeting Europe's energy and environmental challenges.

  • LPG Fuel Direct Injection for Turbocharged Gasoline Engines

    LPG Fuel Direct Injection for Turbocharged Gasoline Engines

    Repsol and AVL have carried out tests on a turbocharged direct-injection 1.4-l gasoline engine that was converted from gasoline fuel to monovalent LPG operation.
    As the test showed, this fuel is suitable not only for meeting the required CO2 targets but also for complying with the forthcoming RDE legislation in a simple way with conventional exhaust after treatment technology. A 15 % reduction in fuel consumption, related to the NEDC, was measured in the vehicle.

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  • Renewable LPG is just around the corner

    Renewable LPG is just around the corner

    One of the main characteristics of the LPG industry is its forward thinking and its commitment to provide solutions to societal problems – be they transport, heating, or other challenges.
    The industry’s investment in research and development of new products was once more in evidence with two announcements that took place last week.

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  • European boilers to become more energy-efficient

    European boilers to become more energy-efficient

    Domestic heating boilers may not be the obvious choice when the goal is to tackle CO2 emissions.
    Yet, that was as an area that EU decision makers addressed with the Eco-design regulation, due to enter into force on the 26th September. From that date on, conventional low-temperature boilers will be banned and only energy-efficient condensing boilers will be allowed to be sold within the EU.

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